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The Journey

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"Made in Greece" should be a mark of distinction fot the art of Jewelry.

Five Years “A Jewel Made in Greece”: an anniversary of joy and a winning bet

Five years after its first steps, AJMIG is, for many different reasons, a winning bet. A bet for me as I was the one that envisioned it and since the beginning I serve it with all my strength, but also, I would like to believe, for its members, the outstanding Greek designers who supported it from the start.
During these five years AJMIG was born, tested, endured and, I dare to say, became adult. We have created a new competitive and continuously renewed vehicle, a platform of creativity, synergy and inspiration involving contemporary Greek designers of jewelry, while developing an organic dialogue between the culture of modern art and the culture of the centuries-long history of Greek jewelry.
The main purpose of the platform is to promote the image of contemporary Greek jewelry in Greece and the rest of the world, to unite and to show the uniqueness of each creator, with respect and free space of presence in each person’s personality.
The World Trade Center in Dubai, the emblematic building of the European Parliament in Brussels and recently the Museum of Arts & Design MAN in New York, were some of our most important stations to date. In addition, MAD, regardless of our group exhibition, where 27 Greek artists participated, hosts each year at its own exhibitions at least two of the participants.
At the same time, we publish a detailed exhibition book with professional photos of jewelry and texts from reputable art historians such as Iris Kritikou (AJMIG Consultant Art Historian), Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan and Bryna Pomp (Jewelry Specialist & Curator at MAD) where all entries are recorded, while space is also offered in most important Greek Museums, in order to highlight the history of Greek jewelry.
And all this at a time when Greek Culture - a timeless motivation for inspiration, creativity, productivity and evolution - is the greatest asset for the extroversion and the contemporary aesthetic presence of the country on the international level.
As our course, stations and collaborations in Greece and abroad have so far led to safe harbors, we continue with great enthusiasm. Always aiming at the journey, we keep the Dialogue with History as an amulet. At our annual meeting in Zappeion, which is now our permanent site, we choose to support even more talented young artists while keeping the doors of the exhibition open to professionals and the wider audience.
At the same time, as part of the persistent effort to promote Greek jewelry in the World, we have been in contact with international buyers and designers, inviting them to Zappeion. The project began in the summer of 2017 when we organized a workshop on “how and why Ancient Greek jewelry influenced contemporary global creation” at the Oia Treasures Gallery in Santorini, where many A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE members participated. Our guest was Katerina Perez, a renowned jewelry blogger.
With her valuable assistance, five distinguished foreign designers participate in the three different categories of Jewelry in this year’s show.
Beyond the Zappeion annual report, our parallel action, which continues with unparalleled success, is the trunk shows. The results are extraordinary, with a great deal of response both from the point of view of the participation of the designers and the visitor, and I dare to say commercially: in the summer of 2018 we shall travel again to Mykonos - Petasos Hotel, Santorini - Oia Treasures Gallery, Spetses - Multicultural Center AJMIG, and Anavyssos - Hotel Plaza Resort, we shall cruise again with Celestyal, while we have recently acquired a permanent gallery space in Athens at the Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso Hotel.
Instead of resorting to this small first five-year report, I would like to say a big “thank you” from all my heart to all those who embraced the idea, contributed and supported step by step in its implementation, to those who supported the publication of our annual catalogue, to those who showed and communicated our whole journey, as well as to all those who travelled us.
And to emphasize once again that “Made in Greece” can and should become a mark of distinction for the art of jewelry. 

Mary Samoli

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"Η ποιητική της ιδέας και η εφαρμογή της, η γραμμή και η κίνηση, ο ελάχιστος μα καθηλωτικός για το βλέμμα όγκος, η σοφή φόρμα και οι ανεξάντλητες πρώτες ύλες, οι συνδυασμοί των μετάλλων και των χρωμάτων, ο ήχος και η αφή, το συναρπαστικό με λίγα λόγια σύμπαν ενός κοσμήματος ικανού να μεταμορφώσει, ή έστω, ικανού να κάνει τον κάτοχό του να ονειρευτεί, αποτελούν για όλους εμάς στο AJMIG την πρώτη ύλη μιας σπουδαίας περιπέτειας που συνεχίζεται εδώ και πέντε χρόνια. Το αίτιο και το αιτιατό της αγάπης όλων μας για το κόσμημα, αλλά και της απολαυστικής μέθεξης στη μαγεία που το περιβάλλει. 
Μια άρια αξέχαστη και ανεπανάληπτη που τροφοδοτεί τον νου και τη φαντασία και αντηχεί στην ψυχή.

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Ίρις Κριτικού
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Ιστορικός Τέχνης - Ανεξάρτητη Επιμελήτρια - Σύμβουλος A JEWEL MADE IN GREECE

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